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Class Parents

At Ermington Public School parents can take on the role of Class Parent within their child's class, working with their class teacher to keep all parents informed of activities within their class and across the school.
This is a fun and interactive role. A great way to get to know your child’s class, your teacher and being involved in the Ermington School community.

What does being a class parent involve?

1. Prepare a Class Contact List

Create and maintain a parent contact list for those in your child class. Parents will be asked to provide their contact details to the class teacher. The class parent will then be required to compile a class list and distribute to the parents and class teacher.
Privacy Note: Parents are informed that by providing their contact details they are providing their consent for those details to be circulated to all others on their class list, and to the P&C.
These lists will only be used for school purposes

2. Share Communications from the Teacher

Assist the teacher in circulating information to the class as required, ie. Reminders about assembly items, excursions, materials required in class, volunteers
for classroom activities or excursions. In addition sharing your skills and experience to provide additional details where possible.

3. Organise Class / Year Social Events

Organising some interaction outside of the classroom helps families get to know each other better. Many choose to organise at least one class function per term, such as a
morning tea, parents/mums dinner, after school play in the park or family picnic.
Often class parents from a particular year will get together and organise a combined year event at some point throughout the year in addition or in place of class events.

4. Support / Coordinate P&C Events and Communications

Assist the P&C by supporting them in the planning of school community events and circulating P&C emails/reminders to the class as requested.
In addition a list of events is put together at the beginning of each new school year detailing what your year is responsible for and when this event is taking place. It is the responsibility
of the Class Parents to work together and coordinate parents from that year to assist in these events.


Class parents play an essential liaison role between teachers, parents, the school and the P&C. This is a great way of forging a strong network within your child's class as well as across the school. If required this role can also be shared across several parents within the class.

If you are interested please speak to your class teacher

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