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Kiss and Ride

Kiss and Ride is a P&C initiative put in place to improve the safety of students as they make their way out of the school at home-time, while keeping the flow of traffic moving as smoothly as possible on the main road.

Where is it located?

Ermington Public School’s Kiss and Ride zone is located towards the end of Winbourne Street near Goodstart Learning Centre and is marked by signs and pylons. In these drop-off zones, parents can stop to pick up or drop off their children by pulling up to the curb and having their kids enter through the passenger side doors.

Who can use Kiss-and-Ride and when?

Kiss and Ride is for all students at Ermington PS.
It operates during school pick up at 3:00pm each day from Monday-Friday

How will it be staffed?

We need 2 parent volunteers each day for 10 minutes after school. Their role will be to safely patrol the area, open car doors and help students in their cars.

Why have a Kiss-and-Ride?

This initiative was put in place to improve student safety, increase efficiency, alleviate traffic congestion, and expand the socialising, exercising, and independence of our students!

What can you do to help?

To keep Kiss-and-Ride going we need volunteers!
If you can spare 10 minutes after school once a fortnight or even monthly to ensure the safety of our kids please contact:
Bryan on or email

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