Ermington Public School

Virtus in Arduis - A quality education in a caring environment

Telephone02 9874 4109

Principal's message

Welcome to Ermington Public School, a wonderful school with outstanding students, highly qualified staff and quality teaching and learning programs. Our parents and citizens are dedicated to the school and work in partnership to provide a wonderful learning and resource-rich environment for staff, students and the community.

Our quality education programs aim to ensure the learning needs of all students are met. Our learning and support team assists students with additional academic, social and emotional needs. English as an Additional Language/Dialect programs provide support for English Language Learners through support in the classroom and targeted lesson activities. Ermington PS provides curriculum extension and enrichment programs for students in the Opportunity Class. Gifted and talented education is embedded throughout Kindergarten to Year 6.

In conjunction with our academic programs, strong wellbeing initiatives ensure all students are known, valued and cared for.

The students at Ermington PS are fortunate to be provided with a broad range of extra-curricular activities including:

·         Leadership Programs

·         Student Representative Council

·         Peer Support

·         Band Program

·         Robotics Club

·         Chess Club

·         Junior and Senior Dance

·         Junior and Senior Choir

·         Junior and Senior Aerobics

·         Comprehensive Sport Programs including PSSA

·         Gardening Club

Ermington PS aims to inspire all students to be Engaged Proud Successful learners.

For an appointment or to tour the school's facilities and grounds, please contact the school office on 9874 4109. Enrolment forms are available on request from the office.

Kind regards,

Jen Riley